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Good Ideas From Other Brides

Over the years we have gathered many good ideas from the brides we’ve served. They are anxious to share those with new brides. Make sure that you mail yourself a complete wedding invitation to your own wedding. Don’t open it. Keep it in your guest book and save it for future generations to open. For a colorful and meaningful decoration, make flag-like banners using fabric in your wedding colors and sparkle pens. Write family names and events and dates and history on the flags and use them to decorate your ceremony and/or reception space.

Ask all relatives and guests to write a favorite recipe on the back of their RSVP card. File these cards in a special recipe box and use them in your married life. Write a love letter to each other on the evening before your wedding and mail on the way to the ceremony. Save them to be read on your first anniversary. If you can’t decide on colors for your wedding, use your birthstone colors as the theme for everything.

Assuming the style of the rings permit it, always engrave initials or names on the wedding rings and the date on each. Have a “for married couples only” dance at your reception. Give the DJ a list of names of couples attending and the number of years they have been married.

After dancing several bars, the DJ then reads off the couples’ names and they leave the floor, leaving the longest married couple on the dance floor alone. Wear two garters. Throw one and keep one to pass down to future generations. Sew a good luck charm on the garter to be kept and ask that each succeeding bride do the same.

Hire an airplane to fly over the ceremony site towing a sign that reads “Congratulations to ____and ___. Buy a new fifty cent coin with your wedding year on it and add to the collection by buying one on each anniversary. Let us share other wonderful tidbits and ideas with you on how to personalize your day and make it uniquely yours.

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