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While it is a standard gesture to present a gift to friends who are your close attendants, there are likely to be others to whom you’d like to extend your greatest gratitude with more than just a simple “thank you”, for being a part of your life.

Let’s start with what to give as wedding favours? More and more brides are choosing to give edible items as favours. Chocolates, personalized with names and wedding date top the list. Some brides prefer other candies or nuts. Some like decorated cookies, brownies, or bars wrapped in a decorative box. Other couples choose to give bottles of wine – either with their own custom label or with a gift card attached to a fine local vintage. An environmental-friendly wedding theme makes the gift of seeds, potted plants, or flowers more appropriate.

Many couples choose to create their own CDs, containing their own special music selection, and present it to their guests. Considering seasonal items – tree ornaments for Christmas weddings, mugs and hot chocolate mix for winter weddings or sunscreen for beach weddings. Choose votive candles and holders from a candle light wedding. Whatever your choice is, be sure the item carries a message of gratitude. Arrange favours on a special table near the exit as your guests leave or better yet, place them on the guests table. This makes them a part of the table display and serves as a centerpiece.

Invitation Thoughts
What if your guests are less than fifty? If so, engraved or printed invitations will not be necessary. Instead, we advise to have the invitations be hand-written on an informal white or ivory personal notepaper. The guests may also be invited via telephone, telegram or word-of-mouth (although a note is preferable). All invitations are usually issued in the name of the bride’s mother. Informal invitations may be sent on a short notice, if necessary (although a notice two weeks in advance is customary). For larger weddings, please take note that the wordings can be as formal or as informal as the wedding. Whether your ideas are simple or extravagant, you can express your individuality, and showcase the theme of the wedding through your invitations.

Today’s popular choice, when it comes to wedding invitations, is a technique called “layering”. Several different colors and textures will be combined, enclosed in a sheet of translucent paper and tied with a ribbon. These invitations are seen as a gift to the invited. Our consultants are experienced advisors in wedding stationery needs. Confer with us on the choice of wording to fit your special needs. Let us help you select the paper, the print and the accessories that express your unique style.

Your Invitation
Not too long ago, there was only a handful of invitation styles that was considered correct. The bride could choose white or ivory, velum or parchment, plain or paneled, deckled edged or not. Today’s invitations, like many other areas of the wedding, offer more varieties to the couple, with hope to create a ceremony and celebration that is uniquely theirs. There are four categories of invitations. They are namely formal, semiformal, thematic and what stationers call “whimsical”. Each of these is appropriate if it correctly reflects the degree of formality and the theme you have chosen for your wedding. If you wish for help in selecting the look that is right for you, let one of our consultants help you pick the right paper trousseau for your special wedding.

Select a formal style if you want an elegant and traditional wedding. This style of invitation is usually done on a heavy card stock, using classic and engraved fonts. The wedding invitation books you view will offer several examples from which you may choose. However, do give special attention to the font styles used. Some may look wonderful on a line or two of print, but may be difficult to read when used for an entire invitation.

Be sure to look at a full size invitation using that font before you decide. You should select the semi-formal style if you want a traditional, but less formal look. The paper stock will be classic and understated, but may include a surprising graphic or unique font or colour choice. The number of choices in this area is enormous. Opt for a paper and font style that complements the look you want for in your wedding. If colour is a unifying factor, incorporate that into your invitations. You may wish to include ribbon ties and/or coloured linings on the envelopes.

You should select the thematic style if you are keying your wedding to a special location or activity. Be careful and not go “overboard” playing with this “theme”. Ask to see examples of other thematic approaches used by other couples and try to use subtle details that will hint on the mood or setting you desire. Western or country themes are popular as are sport or destination themed weddings. If you are creating something brand new, be sure to demand to see a prototype before it goes into production. If you see yourselves as the unconventional couple, anxious to push the envelope, the whimsical style is perfect for you. Unusual paper stock, color combinations, graphic designs, unique materials and other “additions” all characterise this style of invitations and accompanying paper needs.

What unites all of these styles is the fine hand of a stylist and the eye of a professional who will help you find the invitation type that best expresses your wishes, while ensuring this critical part of your wedding announces the celebration to family and friends with good taste and style.

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