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Vows: She Crumbled the Fortress Around His Heart

Everything changed for Simon Astaire when he met Pilar Ordovas on a flight to London. Ive known him for 40 years, said the grooms friend, Sting. I never thought Id be the best man, because I never thought he would marry....

Wedding album: Real Wedding-Day Looks From Our Couples

A selection of outfits worn by men and women, most of whom were featured in our announcements....

Love and Law: Recent Mergers in 1L, Section 6

At least three couples have married from the same section at Harvard Law School Class of 2016....

Mini-Vows: As If by Design, Their Connection Was Inevitable

William Ackman had been given two nudges by two friends to reach out to Neri Oxman. He found they were both right....

Mini-Vows: Neither Got the Job. But Both Got a Future.

After their first date, which was after-hours at an M.B.A. conference (and also the day they met), he told her: I could see myself marrying you....

Field Notes: She Watches Weddings, One Click at a Time

The photographer Genevieve de Manio said, A truly good image stirs something in you when you see it, a feeling of adoration, love, sorrow, joy, hope, or surprise....

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