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Vows: A Digital Message in a Bottle Was Waiting For Him

The couple met briefly on a beach in the Hamptons but didn’t start dating until almost three years later, after he finally found her note on Facebook....

Mini-Vows: Something Clicked and a Long-Distance Romance Blossoms

Lakshmi Satyanarayana and Diwakar Davar had tried “the alphabet soup of dating websites” before a connection was made on

Field Notes: Bridal Parties Mix It Up With Bridesmen and Groom’s Gals

“I still can’t figure out when the boys walk down the aisle. Do they do it with the bridesmaids, or do they stand on the side of the groom Is he going to wear heels”...

Mini-Vows: A Food Writer Gives His Bride ‘Four Stars’

The couple met on Twitter and connected over a mutual love of Mexican cuisine....

3 Weddings, 4 Dozen Rabbis and 1,400 Cupcakes

Three couples denied marriage in Israel for various reasons were wed in a festive ceremony in New York....

Vows: Two Marines, Taking Semper Fi to Another Level

Ashley Iorio and David Sands attended the Naval Academy together, but they will begin married life mostly apart....

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