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Vows: Two Art Collectors Who Caught Each Other’s Eye

Within six months of meeting, Yelena Ambartsumian and Miroslav Grajewski began buying paintings together. They fell in love with more than the art....

Wedding Album: Wedding Wisdom: Advice From Former Brides and Grooms

Readers offer tips and tricks that they wish they knew before they married, from checking in with the caterers to keeping tissues on hand for the ceremony....

Field Notes: The Classic Tuxedo Gets a Lacy Makeover

Some brides and grooms are breaking with tradition when it comes to wedding attire....

Vows: Deported and 9,000 Miles Apart, but ‘You Stay With the Person You Love’

Chuh A and Rex Ny, both Montagnards, have fought for their relationship since his deportation, pushing back against physical separation and 12-hour time difference....

Valentine’s Day in Times Square

The Times Square Alliance presents Love in Times Square 2019, where couples travel near and far for surprise proposals, weddings and vow renewals....

Mini-Vows: They Learned Early On That Words Matter, and Also Location

The couple chose Bucks and Comet Ping Pong restaurants as a show of support to the two businesses affected by the “pizzagate’ conspiracy and shooting....

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