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If You're Having A Multi-Cultural Wedding, Tirtha Uluwatu in Bali May Be The Venue For You

When it comes to a multi-cultural affair, Tirtha Uluwatu in Bali has got you covered! From a versatile mix of diverse celebrations, the husband and wife team pride themselves on creating any style of multi-cultural wedding. With breathtaking views, the architectural masterpiece of a venue sits on 1.5 acres of land surrounded by clifftops in […]...

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You Won't Believe This Chic Private Home Wedding Was Planned in Just 3 Weeks!

There is so much heart in this sweet, intimate wedding planned in just 3 weeks by the couple, their loving family and friends who all chipped in, and Maggie Francisco who led the way! The gorgeous couple (no seriously they could be models theyre so beautiful) decided to tie the knot at the brides parents […]...

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Social Media Etiquette Guide: Honeymoon Edition! Here's What You Should and Shouldn't Share

Youre probably very excited to embark on your honeymoon and also eager to share the photos with friends and family on social media. You usually only have one honeymoon, so why not make these photos the best youve ever taken! Wondering how and what to share from your trip Read below for tips in the […]...

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Holiday Greenery 101: Where to add Christmas Garland in your Home.

Style Me Pretty, %%05am31UTC[2019]%%. | Permalink | Comments | Add to Post tags: Post categories: The Blog...

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Christmas Decor Trend Report: Citrus!

Do you remember getting an orange in your stocking at Christmas as a kid It was almost always followed with a story about appreciating the humble luxuries, and during the Great Depression, our great grandparents looked at the gift of an orange as if it was actual gold! Citrus around Christmas has been a longstanding […]...

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Decorating For Your First Holiday in Your Own Home --Three Christmas Decorating Basics

Chances are you grew up in a home decked out with intentional, well-loved and curated holiday decorations. Were talking wreaths on every door! Garland WITH Christmas lights! A big ol well-lit tree filled with all kinds of collected ornaments! Ribbons galore! Your mom, a Christmas enthusiast, set the bar HIGH. Now that youre in your […]...

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When a Wedding Planner with a Love of Color Ties the Knot in Lowcountry - Magic Happens!

Get ready, folks... cause this is a good one. First of all, this might be one of our favorite how they met stories of all time. She was the wedding planner, he was a guest at the wedding, he asked the bride for her number... and the rest is history. I mean is that not […]...

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