• Named “The Wedding Doctor” by The Star Newspaper
  • Author of the book “99 Tips for your wedding”
  • Finalist in the 2013 and 2011 USA-based Event Solutions Spotlight Awards category of “Rising Star – Female”
  • Celebrated industry speaker
  • Vice President of Malaysia Young Female Entrepreneur Network (MYFREN)
  • Top 30 Women on Business Success and Equality by SME Magazine, Malaysia

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  • Wedding Planner / Consultant can be a professional career just like any other professions
  • Every Bride deserves to have a Wedding Planner

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ADAMAS School of Weddings is the leading wedding planning school in Malaysia and is the only institute in the country that offers the Weddings Beautiful Malaysia & Singapore (WBMS) Certification Program for Wedding Planners. We produce professional and certified wedding specialists and we are a division of Weddings Beautiful Worldwide, one of the largest certified wedding planning and consultancy institutes in the United States that was established since 1968…. Read More >

It’s an environment filled with joyful energy! ADAMAS is looking for Franchisees who :
  • Desire to build a very successful business Loves working in a fun environment
  • Posesses excellent people management & communication skills
  • Blessed with great organisational skills and an eye for details
  • Exhibits commercial awareness and business acumen
  • Truly want to make a difference…

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ADAMAS Weddings is a one-stop-service wedding and family related events consulting firm specializing in personalised services to create the wedding, honeymoon, anniversary and birthday of your dreams. Read More >


ADAMAS launched its annual Corporate Social Responsibility event titled, ‘My Wedding Wish to ADAMAS’ – a competition opened to physically-challenged, disabled and terminally ill individuals aiming to tie-the-knot. The competition criteria is a 300-word real life love story.

To kick off the annual competition, YB Senator Dato’ IR Donald Lim launched the “My Wedding Wish to ADAMAS” campaign logo and presented dream wedding packages to 2 lucky couples who found love while having to endure the challenges of cancer, permanent disability and terminal illness. Read More >

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A Visit + Cheque Handover at BCWA

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